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We're entrepreneurs, have done startups, and help startups get their ideas off the ground at one at the time.


How it works

It does not matter what startup stage you're in. We can help you test your idea or build your MVP. We offer two types of plans:

  • Plan "Fast and Furious" - Fully Functional Simple MVP - $9,950, 30 Days

  • Plan "Signed Sealed Delivered" - Convenient Installment Plan For More Complex Projects:
  • 20% Down Payment
  • Remaining Cost Will Be Spread Over 12 Monthly Installments
  • 3% Future Equity
  • Maximum 3 Month Commitment


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    What Clients Think


    Softup gave me the information I needed to make informed decisions. I thank them for their patience. They pulled it off splendidly.

    Sagy Mizrahi - CEO of



    Services that we provide

    Strategy Strategy
    Strategy Strategy
    Graphic UX/UI Design
    Strategy Strategy
    Your idea:
    No matter how big or small
    Or problem to solve
    We will help you put together a strategic plan by:
    • Defining the core problem/need, using “The Lean Startup” methodology
    • Steering you in the right direction to validate your idea, even before you invest money in the development process
    • Helping you create or refine your business model, marketing, and sales channels
    Talking to your potential customers is the best way to know whether or not they will buy in into your ideas. We will put together a mockup based on your ideas. This will allow you to:
    • Test your mockup in front of the potential customers
    • Make improvements to the mockup based on customer feedbacks
    • Define the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) based on these feedbacks
    • Build an easy and engaging user experience with user interactive feedback before the development phase begins
    Once the design, spec, and user flow are out of the way- it’s time to turn your idea into a functional MVP. Welcome to our Softup team. We're passionate about :
    • Web applications
    • Mobile native applications
    • Responsive websites
    • E-commerce
    • Landing pages

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